Vacation Rentals Homes Give Hotels A Run For Their Money

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A growing trend among travelers is to ditch the cookie-cutter hotel scene for the charm and value of vacation rental homes. Whether you like the idea of added privacy, more space for your dollar, or the ability to prepare your own home-cooked meals in a homey environment – a vacation rental home could be just the thing to make your next vacation a truly unique experience.

More for your money

Lighthouse outside of Portland, ME

While hotel rooms can vary greatly in size, the average square footage is somewhere around 400-650. The price you pay for a hotel room can vary even more, depending on location and amenities.

For illustrative purposes, let’s say you book a 650 square foot room in a moderately upscale hotel for $189/night before any taxes or fees. This equals about $.29 per square foot.

Now, let’s say you rent a one bedroom cottage with 1,000 square feet at $2,000/week. That translates to about $285.71/night, and – get this – about $.29 per square foot, the same as the hotel room mentioned above.

The common rebuttal to this is what rental homes offer in terms of space, they lack in amenities. Hotels depend on amenities to sell rooms, from breakfast buffets to conceirge service to complementary coffee and more. Hoteliers may argue that you won’t find any of these perks with a vacation rental home, but the truth is, more and more rental homes are upping the ante with hotel-inspired amenities to attract more guests.

We did a quick web search and found a listing for a vacation home in Portland, OR that offered the following special touches – for no additional cost:

* High speed internet (secure wireless throughout), unlimited long distance calling in the continental U.S., wireless printer/fax/copier/scanner.

* State of the art kitchen, stocked with condiments, dressings and exclusive teas from T Ching.

* Energy efficient washer/dryer complete with eco-friendly detergent.

* Concierge service for dry cleaning, accepting deliveries, making reservations.

See the complete listing here:

If you’re considering renting out your home to vacationers, talk to an experienced property management group about getting the most out of your rental home. If you’re thinking of investing in rental property, speak with a licensed lender who is experienced with investment property financing.

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