US Census Releases its First Mobile App

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The US Census Bureau moves further into the digital realm, with the release of  its first mobile application.

Called America’s Economy, the app is designed to provide up-to-date statistics from the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to a November 26th news release, users will easily be able to track a number of economic indicators, including housing sales, international trade, the GDP, unemployment rates and more. It is available for a variety of mobile devices, including iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets.

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With 32,000 downloads, the app is a relatively small success-over 30 million total apps are downloaded in the US every day. Internet giants Google and Apple report monthly downloads of 15 billion and 25 billion respectively. However, judged relatively to other government apps, the Census Bureau’s has done very well, being well received by both private users and other government agencies. The White House has pointed to the Census Bureau as a federal agency “making great strides toward putting a solid foundation for a 21st Century digital government in place.”

The app takes full advantage of mobile devices, offering its information in graphic form, with a number of interactive features and real-time updates. The Census Bureau envisions the app leading to a more informed and involved citizenry while at the same time helping government to become both more aware and more accountable. Towards that goal, America’s Economy is the first of a series of three apps planned for release by the Census Bureau over the next several months. These new apps will be available in the same formats as AE.


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