The Coffee Budget

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Coffee. Yummmm. One of my huge weaknesses, and expensive coffee house drinks are often pointed to by personal finance experts as something that can easily be cut out to result in big savings. (David Bach even symbolizes coffee in his latte factor theory.) Ok – so we all know that spending $6.50 on a grande mocha skinny latte no whip (my husband thinks it’s hilarious how detailed coffee orders are, but there are so many options!) every morning is not living a frugal lifestyle…but is there room in a conscientious budget for some java?

Here’s my take: I look at the occasional fancy flavored latte as a treat, just like splurging on a milkshake or a cupcake every now and then. I remember that it’s a financial and caloric splurge (depending on the drink a coffee can be about as fattening as a hamburger!) and enjoy it (thoroughly) once in a while.

The rest of the time I make coffee at home, but make sure it’s a really good even when I make it myself. I do buy more expensive ground coffee, adding about $6 to my monthly grocery budget. To me that’s worth it, because I am less likely to be unenthused about a cup from home and make an impromptu stop at the coffee house.

Are you a coffee drinker? What is your weakness that results in the occasional splurge?

Now I’ll just use my Verismo:

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