Mortgage Rates Continue to Move Higher – 30 Year Fixed Rate Remain Below 4% on Average

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Mortgage rates for the most popular fixed and adjustable rate programs were up on average last week according to an analysis of the rate tables on On Friday, June 7th, 2013 30 year fixed mortgage rates were advertised in the rate tables as low as 3.500% (APR: 3.754%, Points: 1.877, Fees in APR: $1995, Lender:

15 year fixed rates were posted as low as 3.000% (APR: 3.000%, Points: 0.000, Fees in APR: $0, Lender: Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage,) and 5/1 ARM interest rates as low as 2.750% (APR: 2.769%, Points: 0.000, Fees in APR: $1950, Lender: Loan Depot) were advertised.

The weekly survey of mortgage rates released by Freddie Mac, a government sponsored enterprise and purchaser of mortgage loans on the secondary market, on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 also showed mortgage pricing climbing when compared to the week before. The report showed that 30 year fixed mortgage rates rose to an average of 3.91% (0.7 points) across all US markets, up from 3.81% (0.8 points) the week before. 15 year fixed rates also increased on average to 3.03% (0.7 points) from 2.98% (0.7 points) one week earlier. 5 year adjustable rate pricing was up as well, to 2.74% (0.5 points) on average, up from 2.66% (0.5 points.)

Encouraging news from the Federal Reserve released June 6th, 2013 showed that the net worth of American households has risen to a point where it is higher than it was five and a half years ago, prior to the recession. Mortgage pricing tends to move higher on positive economic trends, as investors venture away from the safety of treasury bonds in favor of investments offering greater risk and potentially greater returns.

“Mortgage rates remain historically low for the 30 year fixed and 15 year fixed products, those most popular for refinancing,” commented Shaun Hamman, VP of Residential Lending at American Financial Resources, a National mortgage lender. “For homeowners who haven’t refinanced in recent years it’s time to run the numbers and see whether you can save at the current pricing. The excellent purchase market also means it’s a great time to think about buying a home, whether it’s a first home, move-up purchase, or vacation property,” he continued.

“House hunters who can’t act immediately because they don’t yet have a property under contract shouldn’t be overly stressed about these rising rates. 30 year fixed rates are still under 4 percent on average – a few years ago that would have been unthinkably low,” he continued.

Below is a snapshot of interest rates for a variety of programs listed on 6/7/13 on Tulsa, OK mortgage rates represented in this survey. Rates are subject to change. Please visit the site to view the criteria used in the survey.

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

AmeriSave – 3.625% Note Rate, 3.817% APR, 1.120 Points, $1995 Fees in APR
LenderFi – 3.750% Note Rate, 3.849% APR, 0.000 Points, $1990 Fees in APR

15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Bank of Internet USA – 2.625% Note Rate, 3.000% APR, 2.000 Points, $975 Fees in APR
Roundpoint Mortgage Company – 2.750% Note Rate, 3.039% APR, 2.000 Points, $0 Fees in APR

10 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Loan Depot – 2.750% Note Rate, 2.998% APR, 0.000 Points, $1950 Fees in APR
AmeriSave – 2.750% Note Rate, 3.004% APR, 0.000 Points, $1995 Fees in APR

5 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rates

Capital One – 2.750% Note Rate, 2.912% APR, 0.000 Points, $786 Fees in APR
Discover Home Loans – 2.625% Note Rate, 3.073% APR, 2.000 Points, $1750 Fees in APR


Track today’s pricing in the rate table below:

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