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Windmill in Oklahoma at sunset.You can use the mortgage rate table below to compare mortgage rates and closing costs from some of Oklahoma’s leading mortgage lenders, brokers, and banks.

How the rate tables on work

Everday we receive interest rate information from a third party provider. The mortgage rates, closing costs, and APR information provided in the table is submitted directly by the various mortgage lenders, brokers and banks. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the rates supplied by the financial institutions. Rates may vary for multiple reasons such as the type of properties being financed (i.e. stick built homes, condominiums, manufactured homes, etc), how the owners plan to occupy the property (i.e. owner occupied, second home, or investment property), or multiple of other reasons. You can use the product dropdown tool to navigate between various fixed rate (30,20,15, and 10 year) and adjustable rate solutions (3/1, 5/1, and 7/1 ARMs). You can also view jumbo mortgage rates by entering in a non-conforming loan amount in the relevant field in the survey. We encourage you to speak with multiple mortgage companies directly to verify whether or not you may qualify for the listed pricing.

Find more information on Oklahoma mortgage companies and home buyer assistance programs

Capital building in Oklahoma CityOklahoma Department of Consumer Creditwebsite
3613 NW 56th Street Suite 240 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 PH: (405) 521-3653

Oklahoma Mortgage Bankers Associationwebsite
Exchange Bank 4301 W. 6th St Stillwater, OK 74074

Credit Union Association of Oklahoma  – website
631 East Hill Street Oklahoma City, OK 73105 PH: 405-702-8622

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Small mountain ranges, prairies, and eastern forests make up ”The Sooner State” of Oklahoma. Roaming bison inhabit the grasslands, and deer, coyotes, bobcats and elk can be seen across the Great Plains. With nature aplenty, people may be surprised by the size of the metropolitan areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Here you will find fine dining, upscale shopping, and live entertainment while walking along the Bricktown Canal. No matter where you decide to settle down in the State of Oklahoma, we’re hoping that we can help save you some money by providing you with a platform for research mortgage rates and home buying information. If you come across and additional resources that you think would be valuable to our users, please let us know.

Photo looking at downtown Tulsa, OklahomaHere are some resources for exploring all that Oklahoma has to offer:

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  • – Information on moving to Oklahoma

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