Mobile Apps Keep it Simple for Real Estate Agents

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If you’re a real estate agent, you’ve probably already seen scads of mobile apps designed to make your business life easier. From signing and sending documents on the go to taking perfect panoramic photos, when it comes to working in real estate, apps can add convenience and simplicity to your real estate business.

We’ve researched some popular mobile apps for tech-savvy agents and compiled a list of those we think will provide the biggest benefits.

Without further ado, we present our list of the Top 5 Apps for Real Estate Agents:

  1. Nudge

    Nudge is a mobile app that is designed to help you market your listings in a simple, effective manner. With a “less is more” mantra when it comes to content, Nudge focuses on a simple headline, quality photos, a simple description and a “big, fat call to action,” as described by their promotional video. Here’s how it works: You simply take a photograph of anything you want to market (a newly listed house, for example) and upload it directly to the Nudge platform. Nudge pretty much takes it from there, connecting your photo to your Instagram account and allowing you to make the necessary customizations. The fee to use Nudge is $149 per year…yes, we realize that may sound a little steep but just remember, sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money, particularly when it comes to marketing. The good news is, if you visit their website, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

  2. Zillow Real Estate 

    Zillow is practically a household name when it comes to real estate. In addition to providing valuable market insight and hundreds of thousands of listings, Zillow also offers a very handy app for agents on the go. Need to look up comparables in a certain zip code? Want to know how many homes are for sale in your client’s target area? With Zillow’s app, you can access all this and more. A built-in GPS system and Android’s voice search feature help you get the most out of this fully-loaded app. Best of all? It’s absolutely free!

  3. Foreclosure Search 

    With this free iPhone/iPad app, you can browse a list of foreclosures at your leisure. This could come in handy for many agents, as distressed and discounted homes are still flooding the market, though recent data has shown foreclosures are trending downward.

  4. 360 Panorama 

    This easy-to-use app for iPhones or iPads allows you to take stunning panoramic photographs for your clients’ listings. How it works: You simply pan the camera and watch as images are stitched seamlessly. Once you’re through, you can instantly share your images or save them for uploading later. At only $0.99, this app is a true value.

  5. Zosh

    Easily sign and send documents with your iPhone through this amazing, time-saving app. How it works: Use your iPhone’s mail app to forward an emailed document to Zosh. Then, open Zosh to sign and date it using your fingertip. The only catch is, Zosh only works for signing PDF documents at the moment; other document types like .doc won’t work. Nevertheless, it’s still a very useful app and at only $3, you can simplify your business without breaking the bank.

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