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Ludington Lighthouse and beach on Lake is proud to display mortgage rates from a number of mortgage companies serving the Great Lakes State! Whether you are looking to refinance your family home in the suburbs of Detroit or Grand Rapids, or buy a vacation home on Lake Michigan or a rental property near one of Michigan’s great colleges or universities, you can find low Michigan mortgage rates and great financing programs advertised at

Types of products advertised in the rate tables

You can find interest rate, closing cost, and APR information on many of the most popular types of home loan programs available in today’s marketplace using the rate tables of Rates are supplied by a third party provider and are submitted daily by the various mortgage companies. You can use the Product selection dropdown tool the survey to review pricing for the various programs including:

  • Fixed rate mortgages – 30,20, 15, and 10 year mortgages
  • Adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) – 3/1, 5/1, and 7/1 ARMs
  • Interest only loans (IO) – 3/1, 5/1 and 30 Year IO
  • Jumbo loans – Note that you have to adjust the loan amount to non-conforming levels in order to get jumbo mortgage rates.

Please note that rates may vary for multiple reasons including a borrower’s credit score, the type of property being financed (i.e. single family vs multiple family home, condo vs stand alone property, primary residence vs. second home vs. investment property. Please contact the various mortgage companies directly for the most accurate quotes for your specific scenario.

Find additional information on mortgage companies and home buyer assistance programs in the State of Michigan

Mackinac Bridge in Michigan

Michigan Department of Insurance & Financial Serviceswebsite
611 W Ottawa St, 3rd Floor Lansing MI 48933-1070 PH: 517-373-0220

Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association – website
P.O. Box 182520 Shelby Township, MI 48318-2520 PH: 586-226-2823

Michigan Mortgage Professionals Association – website
PH: 603-601-8601

Michigan Credit Union League website
101 South Washington Square Suite 900 Lansing, MI 48933 PH: 800-262-6285

Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Downpayment Assistance Programs – details
735 E. Michigan Ave Lansing, Michigan 48909 PH: 517-373-8370

Hud’s list of home buyer assistance programsvisit

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