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Take control of your finances by keeping your monthly payments low while you build equity in your home. Whether you are looking for a VA loan in Ellicott City, a fixed rate mortgage in Silver Spring, an adjustable rate loan in Gaithersburg, or a jumbo mortgage for a second home along the Chesapeake, begin your search for home financing at

Types of properties financed by the lenders and brokers in the rate tables

The majority of the mortgage companies in the rate table on this page offer residential home loan assistance for stand-alone stick built homes, condos and townhomes, and many types of modular homes. Some even finance mobile homes but the pricing that is displayed is not for manufactured homes. Rates may vary by the type of property being financed. For example, many lenders have negative pricing adjustments for condominiums and mobile homes. Pricing may also vary for other reasons such as how the borrower plans on using the property. Those looking to finance a primary residence will likely find better rates than what is available for financing second/vacation homes or investment properties. To view different fixed rate (30,20,15, and 10 year) and adjustable rate (3/1, 5/1 and 7/1 ARMs) use the product selection tool in the rate table. You can also see pricing for jumbo loans by typing in your loan amount in the relevant field. Contact the various mortgage companies directly to learn more about their rates and programs.

From Baltimore, to Frederick, to historic Annapolis, the DC suburbs to the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, is the place to go for Maryland mortgage rate and home loan information. Find companies offering low Maryland mortgage rates and closing costs in the Rate Table.

Find additional outlets where you can research Maryland mortgage lenders and brokers and learn about different home buyer assistance programs

Maryland Mortgage Bankers Association
Phone: 410-497-3030
PO Box 6293 Eillicot City, MD 21042

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
Phone: (410) 230-6100
500 North Calvert Street
Suite 402
Baltimore, MD 21202

Maryland Association of Mortgage Professionals
Phone: 410-752-6262
720 Light St Baltimore, MD 21230

Maryland Credit Union Assoc.
Phone: 410-290-6858
8975 Guilford Road Suite 190 Columbia, MD 21046

Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development
100 Community Place
Crownsville, MD 21032
Phone: 410-514-7000

HUD’s list of home buyer and homeownership assistance programs broken down into statewide, regional, and city programsvisit

Housing Authority of Baltimore City
417 E Fayette Street, Suite 1339
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone:  410-396-3237

City of Annapolis Housing Authority
1217 Madison Street
Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone:  410-267-8000

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Types of Fixed Rate Mortgages Posted in the Rate Tables and Why to Consider Each One

  • 30 Year Mortgages – Most popular option in today’s marketplace. Loan is amortized over the course of 30 years (360 months) which keeps monthly principal and interest payments lower than shorter term fixed rate solutions. Interest paid over the life of the loan will be considerably higher than 10, 15, and 20 year financing products.
  • 20 Year Mortgages – Repayment is made over 20 years (240 months). Can be a good option for people who are worried about committing to the higher payments associated with 15 year mortgages but do not want to take on the longer repayment period and higher interest of a 30 year home loan.
  • 15 Year Mortgages – Second most popular fixed rate product after 30 year financing. Repaid over 15 years (180 months). Note rates are usually lower than what a home buyer or homeowner would get with a 30 or 20 year mortgage. On the flipside, monthly payments are higher as the repayment period is cut in half. Interest savings can be significant when measured against longer term fixed rate products.
  • 10 Year MortgagesShortest fixed rate mortgage program advertised in the rate tables. For those who can afford higher monthly payments, 10 year fixed rate financing can lead to considerable interest savings versus 30, 20, and 15 year home loans.