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Amassing a large music collection can be pricey, but thankfully there is no shortage of ways to access free songs for your listening pleasure.

Turn on the Radio

Sometimes the simplest answer is still a good one – browse through the channels on your FM or AM radio and find a station playing music you enjoy. You’ll have to put up with commercials, but more and more areas are being served with a frequency offering unique music and skipping the DJ banter.

Tune into Internet Radio

With a computer and an internet connection you can find a seemingly limitless selection of radio stations from around the world that you can listen to for free. Use to find new stations. Try out a new genre or music from another country, or search for your favorite local station.

Create your own Personal Station with Pandora

Pandora is an internet radio service that plays music based on your personal tastes and preferences. Enter a few artists or songs you like and rate the tunes they come up with as thumbs up or down to fine tune a station just for you. There are paid subscription options but listen up to 40 hours a month with a free account (you will see ads displayed on the screen when listening for free.) Pandora has also recently added a comedy station that you can customize based on your own sense of humor. (

Music Podcasts

Download free podcasts of music to listen to on your computer, mp3 player, or burn to a cd. Browse through the options at iTunes or by typing “free music podcast” in Google. One interesting one to check out is the “All Songs Considered” podcast by NPR – available at

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