Is Pinterest Just One Big Temptation To Spend Money?

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Pinterest, the wildly popular visual bookmarking site and latest social media craze, can be a lot of fun, and even somewhat addictive, but does it offer too much temptation to spend money? Browse through the images, or pins, on the site and you’ll see beautiful homes, stunning locals in far off lands, the latest fashions, delicious cupcakes, and creative table settings. And much much more.

The site can be a great tool and source of ideas and inspiration for anything from planning a wedding, to decorating a child’s bedroom, to coming up with a menu for a dinner party. But, the number of options can be overwhelming…and expensive.

Thinking of a carnival theme for your child’s next birthday? A quick search on will return a seemingly endless scrolling page of gorgeous photos and super creative ideas. But do you need custom printed invitations, a big top style tent in the backyard, an overflowing dessert table, and color coordinating everything?

Wondering what to wear to an event this weekend? Check out a few fashion boards and you might feel you need to run out and get stacks of brightly colored bracelets, a new purse, and the latest nail polish color.

I think whether Pinterest will be fun and useful or intimidating and budget busting really comes down to your approach. Are you someone who feels the need to “keep up with the Jonses” and have the latest and greatest? If so, your wallet will probably thank you for staying far away from this latest online obsession, just like it would be wise to avoid home decor, lifestyle, travel, and fashion magazines and catalogs – the temptation is just too great. If however, you can take the ideas you see and use  items you already own to create similar outfits, party themes, or room layouts you might really enjoy a little “pin-spiration” in your life!

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