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If you’ve been contemplating doing some redecorating or want to make some major changes to improve or update your home, discover how and what your fellow homeowners are doing across through the convenience of the Internet! The online site, Houzz, which is a forum and resource center about architecture, interior design, decorating, landscaping, and home improvement, recently published the results of its 2013 Renovation in America, survey. The findings were taken from responses received from more than 100,000 individuals. Please note that Houzz users from around the world took part in this survey, so many of the trends identified in the survey are on a global scale!

The Houzz and Home review is the largest survey ever conducted on home renovation and decorating activity. It examined aspects such as, historical and planned projects, the motivations behind these projects, and the impact of the economy on home building, renovation and decorating plans. Because it sampled such a large, diverse number of participants, it also served to analyze regional differences regarding household renovation trends and priorities about spending.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

-Today’s homeowners have big plans with projects on the drawing board spanning the next two years. Almost half have plans for major renovation and remodeling projects. Only a few are putting things on hold because of the economy.

  • 84% plan to decorate or redecorate their home
  • 40% will be remodeling or building an addition
  • 10% are planning on building a custom home

-Across the U.S., bathrooms and kitchens are hands down the most popular renovation jobs.

  • 28% are hoping to renovate or add a bathroom
  • 23% have that same plan for the kitchen
  • In the last 5 years, Houzz users spent an average of $10,422 on bathroom redos and $28,030 for kitchen facelifts.

-In the U.S., the main reason homeowners tackle renovation and decorating projects is to improve their surroundings. The survey showed 83% felt that way. The second most common reason (54%) is to invest in the property is to increase its value.

-Among those with renovation plans in the future, 58% are expecting to hire a construction or interior design professional to assist with either the entire job or a portion of it. In choosing those professionals, homeowners surveyed will do a significant amount of online research, read client reviews, and seek references.

They may also use online information to gauge the professional’s personality and work ethic, even up to a year before the work will start. Houzz analysts reflect that this is why, “professionals must invest time to develop and manage an online brand presence to communicate with the prospective clients who expect to research them online.”

-As for hiring guidelines, 81% will base their choice on good reviews and recommendations. Secondly, 70% want individuals who are regarded as experts in their field, and 67% are looking for a reno-specialist with whom they are compatible.

-Homeowners of today also use more technology to track down and communicate with prospective renovation professionals. That is why incorporating mobile, local, social, and other electronic means is vital to connect current homeowners and renovation professionals.

-As for the financial aspect, it was revealed that remodeling endeavors tend to cost more than anticipated.

  • 41% of those types of jobs went over budget
  • 23% of the participants said decorating projects cost more than planned.

Need some fresh ideas for your next renovation or remodeling project? See some inspiring photos from over 9,000 ideabooks, just check out the Houzz website here:

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