Winterizing Your Investment Property

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Part of managing one or more investment properties could include winterizing those homes. It’s important to protect your investment against the hazards of freezing weather and winter storms. How to winterize your investment property will depend on whether the home will be occupied or vacant during the colder months.

Here are some steps to follow to prepare your property for winter:

  • Turn off the water at the sources to any exterior hoses, irrigation, and AC units. Drain the water from the hoses and lines before storing.
  • Reverse the direction of any ceiling fans. Switch the blades to rotate clockwise to recirculate warm air that rises to the highest point in the room.
  • Check insulation to be sure it will sufficiently insulate the home as the temperature drops.
  • Store any outdoor furniture in a shed or garage.

If the home will be empty throughout the winter, for example a summer vacation rental that won’t see renters until spring, you might want to consider having the home professionally winterized.
This is generally done by a plumber and involves draining the water from the entire plumbing system and using an anti-freeze solution to ensure that the pipes and other fixtures aren’t damaged by freezing water.

The benefit is that the electricity can be turned off so that you don’t have to pay to heat an empty home all winter to keep things from freezing, but you will need to pay the professional to return in the spring to de-winterize the property.

Here’s a good video on the subject from a professional property management company:

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