How to Save on Your Media Addictions

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Woman research media on her laptop.Are you someone who likes to keep up with the latest in music, sports, fashion, and film? Regardless of your interests, chances are that from time to time you invest in CDs, DVDs, books, and magazines that extend your enjoyment of those favorites. When it’s all said and done, it is very easy to spend a small fortune on any one of those types of items. Then for some reason we hang on to them longer than necessary, because, come on, “We paid good money for those.” In the ongoing quest to save and use “good cents,” let’s examine a few ways to cut way back on media purchases.

The Swap Shop

You can get your friends and neighbors together and swap just about anything! The idea is to bring your gently used mags, CDs, DVDs, etc. and swap them one on one. So, the more you bring, the more new to you things you can take home. And let’s face it, how many times do you really want to watch that samurai movie, or “Pretty in Pink”? It is possible to do a genre themed swap as well. For example, children’s books and DVDs, mystery paperbacks, home improvement magazines, jazz music-really, the sky is the limit.

There are community swaps in some towns and cities that take place monthly. Keep an eye out on activity calendar message boards and places like craigslist for details on these types of exchanges.

The Library

Hands down, that library card is worth its weight in diamond-encrusted platinum! Where else can you have access to thousands of books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs? Nowhere! Try burning a CD to your I-tunes account and returning it to the music store! Lots of libraries also allow patrons to check out magazines that are one month old and many now have mp3 players pre-loaded with audio books. You just supply a AAA battery and your headphones. Wonder what would Andrew Carnegie think about all of that?
Library sales are another excellent way to save hundreds and support a great institution.

Second Hand

Poking around second hand shops, used book stores, and yard sales is ideal for finding some wonderful music, gently used books and DVDs. For those vinyl collectors out there, finding the perfect used venue is equivalent to finding buried treasure. Sellers also advertise these items on eBay and craigslist for very reasonable prices.


Yes! There are sites that allow the legal download of some things for free! The Huffington Post has the list of 35 of those sites here.

There are numerous sites that allow users to download audio books for free. A quick Internet search is all you need to get started.

If you take the time to peruse the iTunes Store, you’d be surprised how many free and deeply discounted songs, movies, TV shows, and podcasts there are. Often, there are free previews to stream prior to a release, along with season passes on some premium cable network shows.

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