How Getting a Security System Can Save You Money On Homeowner’s Insurance

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Family sitting in front of their home.With the cost of homeowners’ insurance policies rising each year, everyone who owns a home welcomes anything they can do to mitigate this cost. One of the easiest ways to lower your monthly insurance bill is to install a home security system. Most insurance companies will give you an automatic discount if you add such a system. These discounts are often substantial, up to 15 to 20 percent. But why is adding a security system beneficial to the insurance companies…and to you? Below are just a few ways:

1. Alarm systems as a deterrent. Just having an alarm system sign in your front yard or an alarm company decal in the corner of your window is often enough to make a burglar pass by your house in favor of the house down the block.

2. Direct connection to law enforcement. Most alarm systems are tied directly to the local police station. If your alarm is triggered and the alarm company is not able to reach you via telephone, then a cruiser is dispatched to your home. This way your house is monitored even when you’re at work or on vacation.

3. Fire monitoring. Another benefit of a home house security system is fire monitoring. This means that the system is connected to your home’s smoke detectors and the fire department is alerted and dispatched in the event of an alarm (when they cannot reach you or you tell them there is an emergency.) This instant response can save thousands of dollars in fire damage and even save your house entirely.

Some additional home security tips from State Farm Insurance:

Additional Benefits of Home Security Systems
In addition to saving you a substantial amount on your homeowner’s insurance bill, a monitored home security system comes with other benefits. Some security systems have home automation features that enable you to make adjustments to your home’s lighting or heating and cooling systems via your iPhone or computer. This is a great benefit for people that travel a lot.

A security system can also help you get top dollar for your home when you decide to put it on the market. Most buyers view such a system as a security benefit they won’t have to buy later. If the buyer is looking at two properties-one without a security system and yours with a system, that may be the tipping point to make them decide to purchase your home. Additionally, most security companies will install a new system for you in your new home for free if you’ve been a steady customer for at least two years. They may even give you a discount on any system upgrades you may need for your new home.

Home security systems come in a variety of styles. Some use motion sensors to activate the alarm; some use contact plates on your windows and doors; and others use a combination of both types of sensors. If you’re serious about saving money on your insurance bills, you owe it to your family to investigate adding a home security system. Your savings will likely pay for the system in just a few years. The peace of mind you will receive knowing your home is protected is just icing the cake.

Other Considerations for Improving Home Safety

There are lots of items that end up on new home wish lists – open floorplan, lots of storage, backyard, neighborhood with sidewalks, etc. If personal safety tops your list of concerns consider the following attributes of a safe home while shopping for your next property:

Gated Community

Restricted access to the homes, a physical barrier to the neighborhood, and on site security all decrease the risk of crime occurring at your property.

Low Crime Rate

Check the crime rate for both the town and the area you’re considering buying in.


While you might sacrifice some privacy a home that is visable from neighbors’ homes and the street is safer than one that is more secluded.


Increase safety with a well lit exterior. A home that is lacking well placed street lights can be easily illuminated with flood lights. Add motion sensors to save energy when not in use.

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