Halloween Savings

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Continuing our series on Holiday Savings let’s take a look at cutting costs during Halloween. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of holiday spending, but nipping the tendency to splurge can start you off right and help you stay on budget throughout the season.


Check out these great resources for cheap, DIY, or free costumes:

  • Homemade Kids’ Halloween Costumes from the holiday guru herself, Martha Stewart. Many involve things you may already have around the house, or can purchase inexpensively.
  • Check thrift shops, consignment stores, and yard sales for used costumes.
  • Ask friends if they have costumes you can borrow.
  • Think ahead for next year – shop the day after Halloween for costumes that may be discounted by as much as 75%.

Save on Candy:

  • Keep an eye out for sales on candy in the weeks leading up to Halloween and stock up ahead of time. (But keep them out of sight so they are still around for the trick or treaters!)
  • Shop for candy at the dollar store where you may pay less.
  • Don’t try to save by making homemade treats or by dividing up large bags into smaller portions. While it’s a great cost cutting idea, these days most parents will toss any candy that isn’t in its original packaging for safety reasons.

Limit spending on Jack ‘o Lanterns:

It can be a surprise to find that buying a large pumpkin for each member of the family to carve can really add to your October grocery bill. Each large carving pumpkin can cost $6 – 10 per pumpkin depending on where you live and where you purchase it. That’s not a splurge for 1 or 2, but if you have a large family it can add up. Consider switching up the tradition and decorating mini pumpkins that generally cost 50 cents – $1. Use paint, sequins, stickers, ribbon, and other odds and ends you can find around the house. Skipping the carving is also safer, and the pumpkins will last much longer.

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