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mobile device on newspaperBuying and maintaining a home takes work. It takes planning. It also takes organization and discipline. When you really think about it, the whole thing can seem pretty daunting. Thankfully, living in the digital age has allowed us to access a multitude of conveniences through mobile device applications, or “apps.” Through apps, a swipe of the finger or the tap of a screen can suddenly make life a whole lot easier.

Here are a few real estate and home ownership apps that are definitely worth checking out:

1. Houzz (Free)

Houzz is a great free real estate app for the iPhone that lets you find design ideas for your dream home. Similar to Pinterest or Flickr, Houzz is a photo-based platform. The difference is that Houzz photos are selected and shared by the site’s top designers… and they are all breathtaking. Users can create “ideabooks” from the various photos they like, “follow” different designers and browse by style. Users can also find a variety of home professionals in their area.
Check it out here:

2. Divyit (Free)

Divyit is a very handy app for anyone with roommates, as it allows the user to easily split up to seven different utility bills and see who owes what. The user can then send a bill to each of their roommates. You can even attach photos of the original bills, just in case one of your roomies feels like your figures are off. This app is available on the iPhone. Find more information here:

3. HomeAdvisor Mobile (Free)

This useful app will really come in handy when you need to hire a professional for your home improvement/home maintenance projects. HomeAdvisor connects the user with pre-screened service professionals in their area, eliminating the need to browse through large directories. Users can manage the projects and rate the pros once the project is completed. This app is available for iPhone and Android. Learn more here:

4. HomeZada (Free)

HomeZada is an online service and mobile app that helps homeowners keep track of the various tasks, chores and home improvement projects that need completing. For couples, it’s the ultimate ‘Honey-Do List’ in mobile form. This cloud-based tool allows users to set up tasks, add photos, and manage alerts that notify the user when a task should be completed. There’s also an option to create a home inventory, allowing the user to photograph their belongings and safely store them online. Although the Essentials version is free to download, there is a premium version available for $9.99 per month or $99 per year. HomeZada is available on the iOS or Android. Download it here:

5. Wikihood (Free)

Wikihood combines information from Wikipedia with Google Maps to offer an in-depth look at your selected neighborhood. This can come in handy when you’re shopping around for a new place, before you actually make the home purchase. According to the app website, Wikihood “instantaneously displays what is important and interesting at a given location.” Through the app, users can see what companies are located in the vicinity, what museums or famous landmarks are nearby, or discover the geographical features of the surrounding area. The basic app is free, but users can opt to download the Wikihood Plus version for $4.99. Available on the iOS or Android. Find it here for iOS: or here for Android:

There are plenty of other great apps out there for homeowners, but these five are our top picks. Do you have any favorite home ownership apps that have made a big difference in your life? Tell us about them in the comments!

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