Free Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Moms are special, and they deserve a special day. Unfortunately, your wallet is empty and the special Mom in your life needs a special gift. You need to come up with a way to show her how great she is, but your lack of cash is making it difficult. Don’t worry! There are lots of great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day without putting a strain on your bank account. Here are some ideas…

Give mom a day off!

It won’t cost you a dime to take on the duties your mother usually handles. From cooking dinner to running errands to cleaning the house, tell Mom that today is her day and she is free to do whatever she wants – you’ve got the rest covered!

Take the kids to the park so Mom can get some alone time

If you’ve got little ones in the house, you’re probably aware of how hard it is to have a moment alone to yourself. Even if you just give her an hour or two, Mom will probably appreciate the gesture more than you know!

Breakfast in bed is always a favorite

Surprise her with her favorite breakfast and let her enjoy it in the comfort of her bed. Don’t forget to do the dishes when she’s done!

Alright Dads…you can do this:

Go for a picnic

Spring is a great time of year to picnic in the park. Ask Mom what she’d like to eat and then make it yourself. Pack everything up and head to a nice neighborhood park. Don’t forget the camera for a few special snapshots.

Visit a free local attraction or go to a free community event

People always seem to forget that being a tourist in your own town can be a lot of fun. Investigate your area’s free attractions and see if there’s something that Mom would enjoy.

Volunteer together

Is there a special cause that’s dear to your mother’s heart? Why not show your love for her and support a good cause at the same time by planning a volunteer experience together?

Have a family game night

Does Mom play a mean game of Monopoly? Does she love trivia? Grab some snacks, gather the kids and challenge her to a few rounds of her favorite game. Mom will surely appreciate the quality time together.

Make her something

Do you have an artistic talent? Then why not put it to use by creating something special that Mom can treasure for years to come. Whether it’s a clay sculpture, a painting, an original piece of music, or a hand-crafted wooden box, there’s nothing quite like getting something that was made just for you. For the kiddies, something simpler yet still handmade will be just as precious.

Cater to Mom’s unique tastes

Not all moms are the breakfast-in-bed or family-game-night types. Think about what makes the Mom in your life unique and do something to celebrate it. The challenge will be finding something that’s free, but if you use your imagination, you can do it! For instance, my mom loves zombie movies – so this year, we’re going to make some junk food and have a movie marathon. Sure, it may not be “traditional,” but so what? The point is to do something you know Mom will love.

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