Clean Out Your Closet AND Update Your Wardrobe With A Clothes Swap

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A friend of mine came up with a fabulous idea for clearing out some clutter and getting some new clothes that is 100% free! She hosted a “Clothes Swap” and invited a bunch of girlfriends to come over and bring a bag of clothes they no longer wear. At the party everything was dumped in a (huge!) pile in the center of the room, and any shoes, bags, jewelry, or accessories were laid out in another area. Everyone gathered around the pile and when the hostess said “go!” everyone dug in.

It was a ton of fun and everyone ended up with a bunch of new clothes. Anything left at the end of the evening was donated to charity. I found that I was able to by much more ruthless when going through my closet knowing that a friend might enjoy something I never wear, and that I was going to get something new in return.

Want to host a Clothes Swap of your own? Here are a few pointers to help everything run smoothly:

  • It works best when there are several people who each wear the same size clothes. You certainly don’t want to discriminate based on clothing size but if you have one very petite friend and everyone else in the group is on the tall side she probably won’t find much she can wear. If you find yourself in this situation ask around to see if anyone has friends that size they would like to invite.
  • Limit the guest list to good friends who are respectful of each other. The evening should be as much about having fun together as it is about scoring new clothes. It’s much easier if you don’t worry about how much people brought or how much they take.
  • Give access to bedrooms and bathrooms for trying on clothes. Then anything that doesn’t fit can be tossed back in the pile for anyone to have a second look.
  • Have people put the clothes, shoes, and bags they came with in a designated area. You don’t want the shoes you took off to try something on suddenly in the “free for all” pile!

Now whenever this group of friends gets together these re-homed clothes are inevitably spotted! It is fun to see someone looking cute in that dress that never saw anything but the back of your closet, or dancing the night away in those shoes that were half a size too small.

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