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No, I’m not suggesting that you buy up the clearance Halloween candy and hand out expired treats to the kids next year. (Though buying the discounted sweets is a great idea for holiday baking!) But, how about stocking up on little Halloween themed toys, stickers, and other fun items to give out next year? During the first few days of November most super stores, grocery stores, drug stores, dollar stores, and more will have a display of sale Halloween merchandise, often marked down 75 – 80%.

Halloween Spider Ring

Don’t want to be the “lame” house not giving out candy? Consider that kids generally get WAY too much candy on this holiday. Some parents (this one included) throw out a bunch of it after the kids head to bed Halloween night to get some of it out of the house. (Luckily my daughter is too young to notice her plastic pumpkin isn’t quite as full the next morning.) Others offer to purchase the candy letting the kids buy a new toy or something else of their choosing with the proceeds. Dentists and orthodontists in many areas also have candy trade in programs giving the trick or treaters cash, gift cards, or other incentives to hand over the sugar.

A few ideas of trinkets to look for:

  • Bubbles
  • Spider rings
  • Noise Makers
  • Glow sticks
  • Silly glasses
  • Spooky jewelry
  • Games
  • Plastic bugs (great for scaring Mom!)
  • Temporary Tatoos

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