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About UsForTheBestRate provides consumers with the information and tools needed to research, compare, and save on mortgage rates and other elements of their personal finance. Mortgage shoppers receive instant access to competitive mortgage rates advertised by banks and lenders across the country. ForTheBestRate also offers helpful information and news updates on home buying, home financing, insurance, and personal finance.

The website forthebestrate.com was first launched more than a decade ago as the online home of a regional mortgage company which grew to serve customers across the United States. Now, ForTheBestRate serves online customers across a wide range of industries, working to help consumers become educated, and empowered to save money.

The mortgage rate data displayed on ForTheBestRate is provided by Bankrate.com, an online direct marketing company.

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The ForTheBestRate Team

Nat CrissNathaniel E. Criss, Chief Operating Officer
Nat has extensive experience in real estate and home finance, having served as a mortgage loan officer, real estate agent, and marketing director for a national mortgage company. He hones in on numbers and data to make decisions, and wants consumers to have the tools to objectively do the same. When Nat is not working on ForTheBestRate.com, he’s busy assisting clients at ILM Marketing in Wilmington, NC.

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Greg GianoplusGregory P. Gianoplus, Founder
Greg entered the mortgage industry as loan officer in the early 1990s after a career on Wall St, and quickly realized he’d found his calling. Passionate about helping people realize their dreams of homeownership and meet their financial goals, he’s always excited to discuss someone’s new mortgage, where the bond market is headed that day, or share his thoughts on the latest economic news. Greg has served in a variety of capacities in the mortgage industry from President of a large regional mortgage broker, to head of the National call center for a National mortgage lender.

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Megan CrissMegan E. Criss, Editor
Megan brings a background in writing and online marketing to ForTheBestRate. She founded Wilmington SEO & Marketing in 2008. Megan’s common sense approach to financial issues helps cut through the confusion and make complicated subjects accessible to consumers.

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Anna PlatzAnna P. Platz, Personal Finance Editor & Social Media Director
Anna gained experience in home finance and real estate during several years as the Director of Compliance for a national mortgage company. She loves sharing money saving tactics with consumers, and finding new platforms on which to share the information.

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Steph MedeirosSteph Medeiros, Writer
Steph Medeiros is a frequent contributor to the ForTheBestRate.com Blog and keeps us up to date on interesting happenings within the world of home financing and real estate. She’s got a quick wit and keen eye on making smart financial decisions.

Check out Steph’s personal blog on life in the Cape Fear Region.


Lisa AndreeLisa Andree, Writer

Lisa is a cost-cutting, money-saving, life-simplifying guru, ready to share her secrets and the tricks up her sleeve. As a mother to a teenager and a twenty-something, avid surfer, and world traveler, Lisa knows how to live the good life on a budget. She covers topics that help us let go of wasteful and costly habits, and embrace those that do our wallets, our bodies, our families, and our planet some good!

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