5 Features of Child & Pet Friendly Homes

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Making Your Home More Kid Friendly

You’re family has grown and you need a home that can accommodate everyone – especially the little ones . When searching for the perfect family home, remember to look for features that are kid-friendly.

Couple with their child outside of the home.1. Fenced-In Yard

Playing outdoors is a fun and healthy way for kids to spend time. A good, high fence will protect your youngsters and keep them from wandering.

2. Durable Floors and Fixtures

Kids aren’t exactly gentle when it comes to handles, doorknobs, floors or cabinets. Having durable fixtures and flooring that can take abuse will lengthen the life and appearance of your home’s features.

3. Fun Extras

A chalkboard wall, treehouse or backyard swing set are a few examples of fun little extras that will make your kids’ transition to a new home easier.

4. Recessed Beds

A home feature that has been growing in popularity is the recessed bed. Perfect for kids and teens, recessed bed designs often incorporate built-in shelves and pull-out drawers to maximize efficiency and save space.

5. Lots of Storage

Living with kids also means living with toys, books, games, bikes, skates and a plethora of other items of all shapes and sizes. Finding a home with ample storage will make everyone’s lives more organized. Spacious garages, closets and plenty of shelves are good examples.

Building the Right Home for Your Furry Friends

When it comes to finding the perfect home for you and your family, keep every family member in mind – including those with fur, fins or feathers! If you’re a pet-owner, be on the lookout for these practical features in your home search:

1. Ample Space

While small pets like fish or hamsters don’t necessarily require a big area to live, you will need to remember that their tank, cage or kennel will take up additional space. Whether you have a 50 gallon fish tank that takes up an entire corner or a medium-sized cage for your dog to sleep in at night, keep in mind that pets require more space for their habitats. Even a small terrarium will most likely take up counter or shelf space.

2. Pet Doors

For cat and dog owners, installing a pet door can be a convenient way of keeping your furry companions happy. Finding a home that already has these doors installed will not only save you time and money, it will help your pets adapt to their new surroundings that much quicker.

3. Durable Laminate or Hard Wood Floors

Anyone whose ever owned a dog or cat knows that carpet and pets don’t mix well. Floors like hardwood, laminate, tile or linoleum are great for quickly cleaning up accidents and are also reduce pet dander and other allergens that tend to get embedded in carpet.

4. Earth Tones

If your prospective home does have carpet, make sure it’s a neutral, earth tone color such as beige or taupe. White or off-white flooring is not practical for pet owners, as it will show hair and stains. Most homeowners avoid these colors anyway, since they also aren’t practical for big families, children or high-traffic areas.

5. Well-Fenced Yard

Having a good, sturdy fence that is at least six feet high will protect your four-legged family members from outside predators and keep them from wandering too far from home. While there are all sorts of fences on the market, from chain-link to picket fencing, the popular choice seems to be privacy fencing for most homes. Not only will this protect your pets, it will add resale value to your home.

Remember to tell your real estate agent that pet friendly features are important to you! He or she can help you find listings that suit your needs.

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