Shopping for Competitive 15 Year Jumbo Mortgage Rates?

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At, you can research a wide variety of non-conforming mortgage programs to help you find a great deal on your next 15 year jumbo loan. 15 year jumbo mortgage programs can be a great solution for borrowers who prefer the stability of a fixed rate mortgage and can afford the payments of a 15 year product. If the size of your home loan falls between $417,000 and $650,000 your loan likely will likely be considered a jumbo loan, and if it exceeds $650,000, it will be referred to as a super jumbo loan. Whether you are looking for a $750,000 Connecticut mortgage for a home near the Atlantic Coast, a $500,000 Colorado home loan for a ski house in the Rockies, or a $3,000,000 Washington home mortgage for a lakeside estate outside of Seattle, can help you locate the home financing solution to get the job done.

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Why Choose a 15 Year Jumbo Loan?

  • High stability of a fixed rate mortgage product (180 months).
  • Less interest paid over the life of the loan compared to 30 year products.
  • Accelerated amortization schedule offered by shorter term fixed rate products.

How do 15 Year Jumbo Mortgage Rates Compare to 30 Year Rates?

Interest rates for 15 year mortgage loan programs are typically slightly lower than that of 30 year fixed jumbo mortgage rates. Despite the lower rates, monthly payments are considerably higher because the payment schedule is shortened into half the time. If you can afford the monthly payments, then a 15 year mortgage is a great way to rapidly pay down the principal balance on the loan. Contact a mortgage professional today for a consultation.

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