Which States Have the Highest Real Estate Taxes?

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If you think you have your next move all figured out, make sure to look into the state’s per capita property tax data. Be aware also, that just because a state boasts no income tax, the residents may have a hefty tax burden when it comes to home ownership. Here is a look at four of the states that impose the highest property taxes in the nation.

Brownstones in Manhattan.

New York

It probably comes as no surprise that residents of The Empire State are saddled with a heavy tax burden. NY is one of 13 states where property taxes are not collected at the state level. Nonetheless, it still has one of the highest per capita property tax averages in the nation at $2,136.00. The saving grace is that many who own and live in homes and earn less than $500,000.00 a year are likely eligible for the STAR exemption.


This is another of the 13 states that do not collect property taxes at the state level. Instead, individual towns and districts collect them. Bear in mind that all property assessments are at 70% of their fair market value. This contributes to Connecticut’s high ranking on the property tax scale. At $2,473.00, it is in the top three.


Although property taxes are collected at both the state and local levels, the local government agencies are responsible for the bulk of them. Typically, homes and land are assessed at 33.33% of their market value. There are exceptions. In Cook County, single-family homes are assessed at 16% of their market value. Farmland is assessed on its potential to generate income. IL per capita property taxes-$1,177.00

New Jersey

It may be The Garden State, but within the realm of property taxes, everything is not coming up roses! In NJ, property taxes are collected at the local and state level. Thankfully, there are deductions, limits, and exceptions, because NJ residents pay the highest property taxes in the nation, per capita at $2,625.00 annually.

Remember that in every state, there are a variety of exemptions and deductions. Contact your local tax office to discover eligibility requirements and filing deadlines. To learn more about how your state compares to others concerning how residents are taxed for homes, property, and more, visit:

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