10 Cheap, Quick, and Easy Kitchen Makeovers

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If home is where the heart is, then the kitchen is where you’re most likely to find it! Since kitchens serve as the hub of activity for many households, they typically see a lot of wear and tear. If your kitchen is looking less than fresh or up to date, here are 10 ways to bring it back to life.

1. Make it sparkle – make it shine – Before you make any changes, it’s best to start with a clean slate. So, thoroughly clean your kitchen from top to bottom. That includes cleaning out and de-cluttering every single drawer and cabinet. While you’re at it, don’t forget to empty out the fridge! As you’re cleaning, you’ll be able to assess what you’d like to change the most!

2. Textiles – Sometimes, something as simple as a new curtain, tablecloth, runner, or set of matching placements and napkins is all it takes to breathe life into a tired breakfast nook. Fresh kitchen towels, pot-holders, and seat cushions can also work wonders.

Remodeled kitchen. Quick and easy ways to improve an old kitchen.

3. Hardware – A little splurge on new drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and hinges is also a fairly inexpensive way to update your kitchen. If you have not shopped for these lately, you will be amazed at the unique and stylish selection. Recycled glass, polished stone, cast resin, and brushed nickel, are just a few of the newer materials being used in kitchen hardware.

4. Backsplash – The addition of a backsplash is a great way to create a focal point in your kitchen. It’s also an inexpensive way to do a little updating. Today’s interesting colors and styles of tiles, whether they are ceramic, stone, metal, or glass, can give your kitchen a whole new look!

5. Cabinet Facelift – When it comes to the most expensive components of a kitchen, cabinets are almost tied with appliances. If you’d like to install new cabinets but just cannot afford it, consider a few DIY redo’s. Painting and staining can make cabinets look new at a fraction of the cost of replacing or even resurfacing. Another nice update is to install clear or etched glass in just a few, to allow a peek at a collection of antique plates, colorful jars of canned goods or vintage glassware.

6. Countertops – Replacing laminate countertops is very affordable, thanks to the availability of pre-cut, ready made styles. In addition to the extensive selection of laminates, there are also alternatives to the more expensive solid surface choices, such as granite. Cement is becoming quite popular, along with glass and tile. There is also a new product that is made of recycled pieces of leftover granite countertops. The pieces are tumbled and polished and affixed to a fiberglass backing. Rather than entirely replace the existing countertops, this new product is cemented right on top, so it’s a great way to be a little green with your kitchen redo! If a completely new counter is out of reach, there are also several new lines of specialty paints, especially for laminated surfaces.

7. Paint – This is something you’ll hear repeatedly, because it’s true-“When it comes to home decorating, paint is the most economical way to make a big change.” If you are not sure about which colors to choose, or how to begin, your local paint store and the internet, are full of helpful hints and suggestions. In addition to paint, there are new types of wallpaper, that simply stick on and peel off when you’re ready for another change!

8. Sink – A new kitchen sink and shiny new faucets is another inexpensive way to perk up a tired kitchen. Shop for bargains and don’t forget that some of the best deals on these items can be found at surplus building supply stores and Habitat for Humanities’ Re-Store.

9. Lighting – This is one more quick and easy kitchen update and for nearby areas such as a bar, breakfast nook, or banquette. The proper lighting can bring your kitchen into this decade and add a little drama. Depending on the look you are after, achieving it should be no problem, thanks to the wonderful variety of lighting fixtures on the market today. New styles of track lights and pendant lamps are easy to install and with the addition of a dimmer switch, you’ll see your kitchen in a whole new light!

10. Flooring – Changing your kitchen floor has never been easier or more affordable. This is one kitchen makeover than has a lot of impact, especially when you choose new materials such as bamboo or cork.

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